Automate your Marketing Campaigns

Increase sales and conversions using simple "if this then that" rules.
Sync your ads with the weather, the stock market and other triggers automatically

If weather is rainy, pause my ads If CTR is less than 5%, increase my budget by 25%

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Set automated rules in few clicks

Use external data to boost sales

Pause my Facebook retargeting ads if they are seen more than 7 times per user
Pause all my twitter ads if goal "bought book" is greater than 150
If it's sunny un-pause all my outdoor activity display ads
Increase my bid by 20% if "/shop" page views are less than 1.500
Increase bid by 40% if the average quality score is greater than 8
Pause all my instagram ads if goal "bought dress" is greater than 20

Use Metri to automate your marketing campaigns based on the weather, the stock market, your website activity, your inventory or anything else!

Smart companies turn external data into a competitive advantage. You?

Integrating external data with your ads can increase your conversions and reduce your total as spend

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Weather data is updated every 5 minutes and it's available worldwide.

We use current weather data instead of the forecast to guarantee you the best and most accurate data possible.

You can test how accurate is the data when you create an automation. We support multiple weather factors and can monitor either a specific city or an entire country and move your ads to the places where the weather is exactly as pre-selected.

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👉 More triggers are coming soon..

Actions ✨:

Pause / Un-Pause

Use triggers to pause non relevant campaigns and un-pause relevant campaigns

Increase / Decrease Bid

Set automated rules and make sure you are always visible when your customers are more likely to buy your product

Move Ads Location

Automatically move the location of your ads to follow a specific weather condition in your country

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Metri is directly integrated with all major advertising channels

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